Thursday, 23 March 2017

Top Grade Supplier of Shellfish and Brown Crabs Ireland



Want to take protein food and stay healthy, then you must add shellfish to your diet. Visit West Coast Crab Sales, which is a notorious source for shellfish supplying and is the family owned business. It has been running for several years in Ireland with trustworthy services. It was initiated by Patrick O’ Donnell  who are determined to reach the customer satisfaction and expanded the business from small vessel to huge ones. They are specialized in supplying top quality shellfish and also brown crabs to both domestic and international markets. It has been experts in supplying shellfish and brown crabs for the markets in Ireland, United Kingdom and Mainland Europe and including countries include France, Spain Portugal for over 35 years.



In distinct delivery modes It supplies top quality and hygienic shellfish in accordance of  customer need at competitive prices. They are well known for the high quality fishing methods and they never compromise on the quality of the shellfish they offer to their customers.

Generally, shellfish fishing  is the one of the traditional fisheries and they are  mainly found near the coast because it contains nutrient enriched water where these shellfish leave.

 Brown Crabs:


They are also specialized in supplying live brown crabs to their customers, which has high meat content and to feed them they use special tools. These brown crabs are abundant on the West coast of Ireland and they fish more on the coast because the water is rich in marine nutrient. They became top and best suppliers of brown crabs in Ireland and as the demand for the crab, increased and its business so got expended and enlarged.

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